by Lifestock

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Due to circumstances beyond our control, as of the summer of 2015, Lifestock have unfortunately entered a state of hiatus. This is the album we just managed to complete. Unless the tides turn in an extraordinary manner sometime in the future, this is also Lifestock's swansong. Feel free to download, share, distribute and do whatever you want with it; but, most importantly, play loud and enjoy.
We want to thank all the people that supported us in any way, enjoyed our music, cheered for us on our shows and all the bands we shared the stage with. See you around \m/


released October 22, 2015

Αll music by Spyros Polyzotis
Αll lyrics by Matt Karampalios

All recordings took place between winter 2014 and spring 2015
Drums recorded at Jam Recording Studio and engineered by Bill Kirtsos
Everything else recorded at Music Street Studio and engineered by Spyros Polyzotis
Mixed and mastered by Dimitris Voutsas at Four Walls studio

Lifestock logo designed by Konstantinos Michalakopoulos



all rights reserved


Lifestock Serres, Greece

Lifestock is a hard/heavy rock band from Serres, Greece formed in the spring of 2013.

Spyros Polyzotis - guitar
Matt Karampalios - voice
George Dodopoulos - guitar
Kostas Vlachopoulos - bass
Tasos Diamantidis - drums
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Track Name: Scapegoat
I walk this path alone
Alone I might go stray
The only thing that drives me
Is the fire inside my veins

Maze full of prejudice
And dumb stereotypes
My mind's been violating
All these stupid signs

I don't care how impossible
Or how crazy it seems
It's not by their hollow standards
How I will judge my deeds

So just come and take my hand
Don't let the burning scare you
I will pay any price
To crawl inside your armful

You can make me your scapegoat
You can call me what you like
To deny what makes me
Would be to throw my life

I never gave up just because
Someone told me I had to
No matter how it hurts
I'm going to see this through
Track Name: Poor Man's Rapture
Don't look at me
Lost in the outer dark
You find your comfort in
Your dead made-up gods

If it doesn't talk
I just cannot relate
Yet in your mind it is
A strong hope to brace

And moralize
About things
That never rise

Lean down your head
Over your scriptures
Who am I to ruin
A poor man's rapture?

You just make pulp
Out of your brain
You're worth none more
Than my disdain
Track Name: Beyond the Sun
In between the windy nights
And the harsh hailstorms
In between the freezing dew
And the cold darkfall

Deep down I know
That's not all there is
Somehow I know
There's much more than this

Search for what eats you inside
The root of that itch
Find out what stirs you up
What makes your eye twitch

In between the backstabs
Of those you once called friends
In between the lost prayers
To the gods you once had

Deep down I know
That's not all there is
Somehow I know
It cannot be just this

Search for what fuels this flame
That burns in your gut
Raise your eyes over the dirt
Look beyond the sun
Track Name: The Next Round
Give me the Judas' kiss
Stab me in the back
Feed me your sweet poison
Tread all over on my heart

Exhaust all your bile
I am your means of relief
I am but a mere puppet
The crash dummy that you need

And when my corpse lies lifeless before you
I'll rise for the next round

Tie me up on the stake
Of your self-righteousness
Spit on me with contempt
Revel on my poor flesh

Bathe me with your dirt
Brainwash me with your lies
Abuse me of all I have
Drain out of me all life

And when my dignity becomes one with the ground
I'll be back for the next round

And when I finally feel at home in the dirt
I'll be back for the next round

You'd think it's over
But it's just beginning
You'd think that by now
You'd've got the best of me

Something must've been wrong
All of this strain
Should've been just enough
Couldn't be in vain

Well, think again
Yea think again
Now it's my turn
My fucking turn

How sweet these pretty eyes
Sunk under tears of lies
Oh how I love you baby
Burning with fury inside

The prince has been delayed
His white horse starved to death
Good luck waiting for the next one
Dumb enough to care
Track Name: The Flesh Factor
It's not your fatal look
What sends shivers on my skin
It's not your perfect style
What gives me an itch within

It's not your poetic aura
What makes me stare at the stars
It's not your imagination
What makes my mind wander far

Wonder how I can be so damn emotionless?
I love it when it's all only about flesh

It's not your character
What keeps you in my dreaming
It's not your genious joking
Why I can't stop laughing

It's not your firm decisiveness
What makes me almost apathetic
It's not your great intellect
What keeps me contemplating
Track Name: Leap of Faith
Quit trying to look superior
And hiding behind empty lies
Crush your insecurities
Get rid of this disguise

They say you will go blind
If you look straight in the fire
It takes a leap of faith
To learn to fly even higher

Take the game
In your own hands
Seize the day
Grab every chance

As the low tide wipes off
The last remains of regrets
The blinding sun is mocking
My fear and restlessness

As I cynically laugh at
The times I've foolishly wept
I guess what's only worth is
To live all I've got left

Embrace what gives you strength
Sever what holds you back
You are the only one
To be the judge of that

They say you will go blind
If you look straight in the fire
It takes a leap of faith
To learn to fly even higher
Track Name: Blast Through (feat. Giorgos Praslegkos)
It feeds off the despair
Its stench fills the damn air

It cannot be forever
Till the whole thing explodes
Between talks of pure anger
And the long-buried hope

One can see through the seams
It's fragile like butterfly wings

It will not be forever
The clouds are closing in
It's already been too long that
It's been burning from within

It's never been so damn near
Neither so necessary
Throw down the chains
And break away
Blast through this fog clouding your eyes

It feeds off the despair
It feeds off the foul air
It feeds off the walls you face
It feeds off the years of wait
Track Name: Futile Cause
Just one more of those days
I'm crawling on my back
And picking up my pieces
Looks such a tedious task

It all just feels so vane
It all just feels so numb
Like living voluntarily
In a world concentration camp

I'm tired of consuming
Myself on a futile cause
Never sat well with me
To drift where it all flows

I wonder if that's what
You wanted all along
I for one never signed
To give up on my soul

Tired, beaten and alone
Some say it is a price
But it's the only road
To finally reach the light
Track Name: Voices
Don't you feel lost now baby
This is not rocket science
You just have to hear it backwards
To read between the lines

Excuses is something
You won't hear from me

They say it brings out man's lust
Along with all the sins
They say it calls out beasts
From within the abyss

The last thing I will try
Is to go and deny
I only can obey
The voices in my head

Whatever they say I am
I can't say that I'm not tenfold
Some call it devil's music
Others therapy for the soul

I only can obey
The voices in my head
So just swallow the red pill
Track Name: Black Angels
My brain fully reset
My pupils dilated
A clarity now rules
My heart is wildly racing

Tired of authorities
On how to live one's life
My one and only gospel
Are the depths of my mind

Black angels fly in mid-air
They've come to spread the word

The prison you embrace
I have longed to escape
I'd rather fall to die
Than give it one more day

Maybe a dark will drives me
Maybe I'm on my own
It is just fine with me
As long as it lights the road

Black angels are calling me
They've come to set me free

It is not what you dream
It is what you can reach
You're never going to lure me
With empty wishful thinking

I have no fucking answers
Nor any enlightenment
My sun rises and sets
Welcoming a sweet end
Track Name: Invisible
Brave words of conviction
A fist always clenching
Talk of revolution
A flame that felt neverending

Love placed in wrong arms
Faith placed in wrong beliefs
By a misplaced need inside
To do the right thing

It's starting to feel scary
That at times I feel I've lost
That faint twitch behind my eye
That always made me go on

Until two piercing eyes
That could help satisfy
That native need to share
Whatever abyss I hide inside

I've never dared to tell myself
That lately all I really need
Is to just stay here and close my eyes
Invisible to all existence

I don't think I've ever dared to tell you
I don't know how much you do know
Or if I'm just lying here unseen
Invisible to all existence